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Do You Ever Think: Is This Really My Life?

Feeling Lost, Confused, Disconnected and Unsatisfied….

Life has delivered some unexpected surprises lately (like divorce, illness, kids leaving the nest, death of loved one….) You’re too busy, feeling spent and stressed. Sleepless nights wondering what’s next. The juice and joy of life is gone. Perhaps you even wonder about depression or anxiety (or both!) and doing something to feel better.

You know it’s time for a change. What you’ve been doing is working–kind of–but you’re also wondering, “Is that all there is?”

As women we sometimes spend so much time tending and caring for others, and get so busy that we lose track of our own dreams and visions. We end up in lives that  we never meant to create. Ones that are good but not great. You want to feel in alignment with your destiny (whatever that might be!)

Something is missing.  You know you’ve got a purpose. If only you could figure out what that is. 

You probably have moments of clarity and connection to higher guidance, but not enough to trust or act on. If only that direction could be clearer and more compelling.

It can be.

I’ve Been There, Too

I know what it’s like to achieve success, and still feel lost and confused, wondering, “What’s wrong with my life?”

Not too long ago I was living the “dream life.” I had an ideal career  as an Art Therapist. I lived in a custom-built home on a river, in a charming little community. I had great friends and a good relationship.

Everything looked good on the outside, but inside I was miserable. I sensed there was more I was here to do but couldn’t figure out what it was.

I remember one day, looking out my huge picture window at the beautiful river flowing by, in absolute despair. I should see beauty and feel successful, but inside I felt empty and hopeless. I tried all kinds of things to feel better–meditation, affirmations, self-help books, workshops–you name it, I  tried it. And while these things helped, I knew there was something more and I needed to find it.

After struggling for too long, I found a path. I re-activated clear access to my higher guidance, which is now a constant source of solace and support. That connection changed everything. I discovered the changes I needed to make and received downloads about my purpose, including the book I was meant to write.

And while my life isn’t perfect, it feels aligned, balanced and congruent with who I’m really here to be in this lifetime.

What’s manifested for me since then is nothing short of miraculous. And I want that for you.

I wrote The Magdalene Path: Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul to chronicle the soul connection I activated, that so many women are hungry for. I’ve developed  practices and experiences that are designed to activate the Divine Feminine guidance inside you, in a way that’s very practical and down to earth.

The Magdalene Path programs and the Goddess Coloring Book guide other women who after one too many disaster, are finally ready to reclaim your lives, from your soul center.

Are you ready?

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Here’s What’s Missing: A New Vision of Your Feminine Self

Most women have lost access to our feminine side in order to be successful in the hyper-masculine culture we’re in. We’ve been good at it, but we’re paying a big price: our lives are out of balance. And we’ve lost touch with the deeper soul that yearns to express herself in our life. This loss is killing us and threatens our planet.

Reawakening our Feminine Soul is the key–personally and collectively. But how do you do that?

Imagine how amazing it would be to feel like a Goddess…
Creative,  expansive and empowered from within. Rejuvenated, radiant and at home in your body. Sensuous, luscious, alive and vital.

Envision your inner life and outer world feeling whole and connected.  Your home, work and relationships feel aligned, authentic, congruent and fulfilling.

Creativity and passion pours out of you, effortlessly, so you’re living in alignment with your Soul’s calling for your life.

Wow, yes. That can be you.

Tap Into Feminine Flow and Get Your Life Back

Close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It’s totally possible: I’ve helped thousands of women do this and you can too.

Activating your Divine connection provides access to clear direction and guidance that you can use daily in your personal and professional life. Tap in for inspiration and direction when life’s challenges arise.

Awaken your Feminine Soul and integrate your masculine side and enliven your creative, intuitive, organic female essence. Reconnect to your Feminine power and wisdom–feel radiant and inspired.

Through this process you can:

  • Eliminate confusion–no more fuzzy intuition–and feel clear and confident in your decision-making. Access concrete wisdom that you can act on.
  • Be the real you. Unleash your authentic creative expression, easily and effortlessly–even at work.
  • Reawaken the sensuality and pleasure of your body.
  • Get your energy and vitality back–move through your day in ease, grace and flow.  (And be able to sleep through the night!)
  • Overcome invisibility and be seen for who you really are, so you can contribute your unique gifts in your community.

Success Stories:

Carol VenoliaDreams Came True in Detail
“As I reflect on our sessions, each time there has been a really profound experience that has shifted my energy in ways that has made my increased level of happiness and engagement in life possible. This work has really changed things. First,  finding the source of my bliss in a very practical and present way. Then really seeing and embracing what’s gotten in the way. These sessions have been really stellar and life-shifting! I really didn’t know dreams could come true in such detail.“ ~ Carol V., architect, Santa Rosa, CA

Found Answers, Got Back on Track to Abundance

“Wow, thank you for helping me find answers to my questions and get back on track. I have you to thank for helping me to realize my dreams and nudging me towards living them. Everything is clicking into place,  as I continue to process so much input and insight. What you do  helps women like me to get grounded, balanced, re-directed, empowered, and inspired –what we need at this moment in time. Since we worked together I am now fully following my dream!  And am getting paid for it. You have helped me get to this point of abundance and I am deeply grateful. You affect women’s lives –probably more than you know!”  ~Linda W, Cave Junction, OR

Life Altering, Ended Depression
“The depression I was slipping in and out of was big and starting to be more life consuming.  I was thinking I had to do something about this–that I might need to go on medication or something. Instead, this work with you brought me back to the core of who I am. The shift has been huge, it’s been life altering. ~Rhonda L.,  Kerby OR

Achieved Goals She Could Not Have Imagined

“When I committed to doing the coaching program with you, things shifted right away. When things come up now, they often dissolve on their own or resolve themselves more quickly. I have almost completely eliminated negative skull-chatter and just have a calmness that permeates my days. I’ve hit many of my goals and some of them were really big ones that I could not have imagined achieving before we started.” ~Amy R., coach/healer, Denver, CO

Realizing Her Dreams
“I got to a point when I started thinking ,“who am I, what am I doing?” I felt lost, going in circles, kind of depressed. I didn’t know where I was going but knew I needed to make some changes and I couldn’t do it by myself. I now feel empowered to make some changes. I learned some tools so that when I’m affected, I don’t have to think to turn them on, they’re becoming ingrained in me. Now I feel a lot more positive, when I hit challenges I can change it up quickly….One of the biggest things I got is you helped me bring the sparkle back, the magic that makes life worth living. When I live for everyone else it becomes mundane. I don’t have to do that anymore, I can follow my dreams, too. ~Stacey W., Takilma, OR

A Changed Person

“Claire was amazingly supportive and loving in helping me move towards the goals I identified. She is so intuitive, and just knew how to keep me on track. I liked the way the program was organized. Very well laid out. I liked that she was super-clear about what would be expected of me, what I could expect from the process. The steps to take to get there were perfectly logical.  She kept me accountable in a feminine, loving way that I’ve not experienced before or since.  It’s an amazing experience and I gained many new tools that I now use nearly every day of my life.  I feel like a changed person–literally.~Diane S., Geologist, Arcata, CA


Take Your Next Step

Remember your dreams. Reconnect to a life of purpose that reflects your unique feminine essence–so that you feel nourished and nurtured, not bled dry. Get your radiance back again.

You don’t have to do this alone. It’s way more fun, easier and effective when you have support, guidance and hand-holding to get you where you want to go.

With new perspectives, skills and proper support, you can create the shift your soul is longing for. I’ve done it and so have thousands of other women (and men) I’ve worked with. If that sounds like the breakthrough you need, let’s make that happen.

Contact me to get started right away. Each month I offer several Breakthrough Sessions at a discounted price ($149) to help you get started In these 60-90 minute consultations we look at where you are blocked in your bliss and where there’s opportunity for breakthrough. Then we explore the next steps to take you there.

Interested?  Set an appointment right  here.



Claire Sierra, M.A.

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