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When Higher Guidance Directs You Unexpectedly

Seems there’s a theme lately about  when things don’t always go as we like or plan…

I know that it can be a challenge to follow the wisdom and guidance that’s brewing in your soul and get clear on who we’re here to be. There’s a lot of distractions and mess that get in the way.

It takes a long time (sometimes) to listen to the wisdom of your soul.  I also know that it’s truly possible to do. But that path is not always straight and clear.

And there are often counterposing thoughts and inner chatter to push back and create doubt.

This Listening takes practice, something our society generally doesn’t validate us for. We’re taught instead to create a plan and go for it, unwaveringly.

But sometimes you’ll get guidance that’s not what you expect. Or don’t want to hear. That changes the direction you were headed. (That happened to me recently….I’ll share that in a minute.)

It’s important when working with Higher Guidance, to know your validating factors, to trust that the wisdom you are hearing is in fact the voice of your soul (AKA your higher self/spirit guide/guardian angel—depending on your belief frame).

When I work privately with clients I have 17 different validating questions. Then you can discern what’s Truth and what’s ego chatter or mind-wishing. Three that are good to keep in the forefront are: Is the guidance you’re getting different than what you expected or would want to hear. Is it a fear voice? Is it being corroborated by anything else in your life—odd turns of events, synchronicities?

Once you have that sense of confidence that what you are tuning into could be a real message, remember you don’t have to follow the guidance. You are in the driver’s seat on your life path. Consider what the impact would be if you didn’t heed it and the message was right? Would you be wasting precious time, energy or other resources?

When Your Divine Guidance Steers in Unexpected Directions


Rescheduled to Winter/Spring 2017

This was the position I found myself in a few weeks ago. You might recall I announced a new retreat for November: Awaken Your Feminine Soul Power & Live Your Purpose. I was super excited to offer this new signature retreat based on the work I’ve been doing since publishing The Magdalene Path.

The date and timing was right. Feeling no resistance or fear, I was excited to move ahead.

Then I was in a class and guided into a meditation. Completely unexpectedly I was instructed me to drop the event, to let it go and reschedule. I was shocked.

I’ll admit I was puzzled and ignored this at first.  I didn’t want to change course. Then a few other “odd” things occurred. (The event venue (my very own hotel!) double booked my retreat with another one. Expected guests were not able to attend.) It was clearly not meant to be.

And in this I recognized how challenging that could be for if you’re not used to living life according to Divine Guidance. When we say we want to follow the Feminine Path, this is what it looks like. Not like masculine structure, planning, details and outcomes.

Not that nothing happens, it just happens differently. Those are still part of the process, but they don’t dominate. The masculine self can no longer dominate the arising, awakening Feminine Soul self.

There’s a better way, and we’re finding it.

Join me, sister,

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PS: Amazingly (but not too surprisingly) when I let it go, something else awesome and beautiful slid right in. I’ll share more in weeks to come, but for now, scroll down (or up) or see more here. I’m over the moon excited to be co-producing the first Healing Temple for the women of the Columbia River Gorge and beyond. Katherine Macomber Millman, traveling from Port Townsend, WA, has created this amazing event, and we will guide you through the day.

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