Maybe this is you: Things look good outwardly, but inwardly you feel lost, disconnected or frustrated. You’re super busy, working WAY too hard and wonder, “Is this all there is?”

Life is on overwhelm with exhaustion and stress at epidemic levels.

We end up finding ourselves in lives that we never meant to create, that aren’t aligned with what brings us true joy and meaning.

Are the results worth it?

Maybe you’ve been aching to shift your life for some time now. Desperate to sort things out and be who you really came here to be….finally.

Notice any of these signs?

  • Trouble getting out of bed and facing yourself in the mirror each morning.
  • You know something’s “not right”, feeling some depression or anxiety.
  • Can’t relax — on overdrive, multi-tasking mania, going non-stop.
  • Health issues  that aren’t resolving.
  • Eating too much….and the wrong things (wine? chocolate!)
  • Not sleeping. Tired (and wired) all the time.

This is the recipe for Adrenal Exhaustion, Anxiety & Burnout  for women who’ve walked the path of success in our male-dominated professional world.

I know this place.

For over 22 years I’ve worked as an Art Therapist and counselor in private practice, clinics, hospitals, etc.

And while I did great work, changed lives and achieved outer success, I often felt I had to squish myself into someone else’s box, to be successful.

I know what it’s like have all the outer trappings of success, and still wonder, “Is that it?”

I’ve felt the passionate craving to live a glorious, blissful life — and the pain of disconnect when it’s not happening.

I knew there was more I was here to be.

So followed my guidance, wrote a book, The Magdalene Path, and turned all that around.

I now see how the hyper-masculine culture we live and work in is killing us (and our planet.) And how reawakening our Feminine Soul is the key.

Create A New Vision.

Imagine how amazing it would be to feel like Goddess… Rejuvenated, expansive, and vibrantly alive.

Feel radiant, sensuous and creative again.

Envision your inner life and outer work feeling whole: aligned, congruent and authentic.  Your home and relationships feel connected, joyful and fulfilling.

Your creativity and passion pour out of you, effortlessly, so you’re living your purpose in all aspects of your life.

Wow, yes.

Take Your Life Back.

  • Get your energy and vitality back–and stop giving it all away.
  • Awaken your Guidance so you feel confident the decision-making.
  • Unleash your creative expression, easily and effortlessly–even at work.
  • Reawaken passion and sensuality of being in your Feminine body. (And sleep through the night!)
  • Relax your body, rejuvenate your mind and  reconnect your Spirit–so you feel radiant and inspired.
  • Reconnect to your Feminine power and wisdom–so that you move through your day in ease, grace and flow.
  • Overcome invisibility and be seen for who you are, so you can contribute your authentic gifts and unique talents at in your community.

Success Stories:
Found Answers, Got Back on Track to Abundance

linda cw“Wow, that was an amazing experience, Claire. Thank you for helping me find answers to my questions and get back on track. I have you to thank for helping me to realize my dreams and nudging me towards living them. Everything is clicking into place,  as I continue to process so much input and insight. What you do  helps women like me to get grounded, balanced, re-directed, empowered, and inspired –what we need at this moment in time. Since we worked together I am now fully following my dream!  And am getting paid for it. You have helped me get to this point of abundance and I am deeply grateful. Thank you for what you do. You affect women’s lives –probably more than you know!”  ~Linda W, Cave Junction, OR

Life Altering, Ended Depression
me c“The depression I was slipping in and out of was big and starting to be more life consuming.  I was thinking I had to do something about this–that I might need to go on medication or something. Instead, this work with you brought me back to the core of who I am—instead of staying in the old beliefs that got stuck on me that I’d been conditioned to believe. The shift has been huge. Everything in my life has led up to  this and doing this together has been life altering. Thank you!~Rhonda L.,  Kerby OR

Reawakened Creativity and Passion
Sandy Briggs“I truly enjoyed your retreat and the reawakening of my creativity and passions.  I loved your style of facilitating. I’m sure everyone felt safe and inspired–I did.”  ~Sandy B, Grants Pass, OR

Get Clarity About Your Direction. 

You know you are here for a reason, but maybe you’ve lost sight of it or aren’t totally clear about what that is. Close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Tap into your Higher Guidance for renewed inspiration and direction when life challenges arise.

Discover concrete answers about your purpose that you can act on. Eliminate  confusion or fuzzy intuition. Reconnect with your sensuous, creative self.  

The relief you seek is waiting for you.

Success Stories:
Achieved Goals She Could Not Have Imagined

Amy-1-150x150“When I committed to doing the coaching program with you, things shifted right away. When things come up now, they often dissolve on their own or resolve themselves more quickly. I have almost completely eliminated negative skull-chatter and just have a calmness that permeates my days.  Sometimes just naming these limiting thoughts with your guidance allowed me to blast holes right through them and move forward. I’ve hit many of my goals and some of them were really big ones that I could not have imagined achieving before we started.”
~Amy R., coach/healer, Denver, CO,

Life Changes for the Better
“What you do is so good, so healing. You are an elegant instrument of transformation. My life changes for the better when I have participated in programs with you.”  
~Martha S, Grants Pass, OR

Breakthrough to Your Bliss.

Live your bigger  vision. Reconnect to a life of meaning and purpose sourced from your Divine Feminine power– so that you are nourished and nurtured, not bled dry.

Start taking steps to make yourself radiant again.

With a few simple practices, new perspectives and proper support, you can get the clarity you need to create the shift your heart is longing for.

I’ve done it and so have thousands of others that I’ve worked with. If that sounds like bliss to you, let’s make that happen. Don’t keep doing it alone.

Success Stories:
A Changed Person

di_montoya_cap“Claire was amazingly supportive and loving in helping me move towards the goals I identified. She is so intuitive, and just knew the appropriate response to keep me on track. I liked the way the program was organized. Very well laid out. I liked that she was super-clear about what would be expected of me, what I could expect from the process. The steps to take to get there were perfectly logical.  She kept me accountable in a feminine, loving way that I’ve not experienced before or since.  I just feel super-blessed to have Claire as my mentor.  It’s an amazing experience to have gone through, and I gained many new tools that I now use nearly every day in my life.  I feel like a changed person – literally.” ~
Diane M., Arcata, CA

Realizing Her Dreams
544227_10151336072272821_644451650_n“I got to a point when I started thinking ,“who am I, what am I doing?” I felt lost, going in circles, kind of depressed but not sure. I didn’t know where I was going but knew I needed to make some changes and I couldn’t do it by myself. I was having such a hard time getting up, just wanted to stay in bed and sleep a lot.  I now feel empowered to make some changes. I  learned some tools so that when I’m affected, I don’t have to think to turn them on, they’re becoming ingrained in me. Now I feel a lot more positive, when I hit challenges it’s for hours not days, and I can change it up quickly. I know what helps. One of the biggest things I got from our time together is recovering my dreams and the visionary soul part of me, and integrating that into the day to day of my life. You helped me remember that and bring the sparkle back, the magic that makes life worth living. When I live it for everyone else it becomes mundane and like, “how did I end up here?” I don’t have to do that anymore, I can follow my dreams, too.
~Stacey W., Takilma, OR

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Claire Sierra, M.A.

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