The Word, the Image, the Story: Your Tools for Transformation
Are You Ready for a Quantum Leap?


We are on the verge of a new era, an epochal shift to an Age of Transformation. Like caterpillars dying to the old ways, we are readying ourselves for a quantum leap in the evolutionary journey–the realization and expression of our deepest potential.

The time is ripe to access your wisdom and unleash your creative energies with bold and rebellious originality.Transformation takes place when we harvest our lifeʼs experience and re-shape the story weʼve been telling ourselves.

Get ready for a quantum leap in the evolutionary journey—the realization of your divinity.

Cross a threshold into your own destiny.

See yourself as a creator of your life, not its victim. Your ability to make change in the world grows too. Finally you can FEEL the passion youʼve been seeking.

This workshop is an entry point into your own deep wisdom, a key to unlock the stories that have been buried within. It is an experience that will free you, unburden you and delight you, so that you can find the YOU you truly love.

Join us for an evening of art and performance followed by a day-long workshop. (Come to one or both!) We’ll use creative arts to access your unique wisdom — and find new ways to share your vision personally and professionally.

You’ll explore your soul’s calling using music, poetry, story and video to discover a life rich with meaning and true to your purpose.

Discover the joy of allowing your creative Spirit to flow through you! 


Take the leap and….

  • Connect the dots between creativity, spirituality, and inspired action.
  • Explore story-telling & creative activities to liberate your thinking & expand consciousness.
  • Discover the connection between personal tragedy & creative transformation.
  • Surrender your fears and transform your life as you re-shape your stories and become an agent of change.


When: Friday, March 14, 6:30 pm-9 pm

and/or Saturday, March 15, 9 am-5 pm

Where: Grants Pass Center for Spiritual Living,

433 SW ‘I’ St., Grants Pass, Ore.
(Go to for directions)

Cost: Friday Evening Concert & Storytelling:  $20

Saturday Full-day Workshop: $99

BONUS: Register by March 8 and attend BOTH EVENTS for $99!

Some scholarships are available—Contact


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About The Facilitators

JanPhillipsJan Phillips is a creativity catalyst and thought leader. She is the author of No Ordinary Time, Finding The On-Ramp to Your Spiritual Path, The Art of Original Thinking and others. A dynamic speaker, she has led events in over 23 countries. She has been published in The New York Times, Ms. Magazine, Newsday, Christian Science Monitor and more.

Claire SierraClaire Sierra, MA, is the author of The Magdalene Path – Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul. An Expressive Arts Therapist and True Purpose™ Master Coach from Oregon, Claire has helped women step into clarity, meaning and new direction for over 2 decades. She’s led workshops and private sessions and exhibited her art all across the country.