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Magdalene Message: Find Rumi’s Field

ReBalancing After Upset

Yesterday morning I was in grief. Too shocked to weep. Shadow unleashed, Trauma everywhere I looked.

I wasn’t ready to “seek the light” yet know that this is the path ahead I must walk. So I commiserated with allies. Sought comfort in like-minded souls. Angry, hurt, scared.

And while all paths are sacred, I knew that staying there was stewing for me. Though it may not be for you. No Spiritual Bypass, just your own timing, your own soul.

Because that is what this is: Soul Time. As I wrote in the Magdalene Path, Temple Time Returns. And while it may be too soon to speak or act, know it is coming. I’m here, I’m ready and I’m pointing the way. Even though the night is dark, foggy and it’s hard to see.

But it’s not a way “out there”… the path is within.

Seek your messages, hear your guidance. Follow your Truth, your heart, your passion. Ours is the time we must keep.

Seeing a choiceless choice that appears to turn back, not forward. It appears we are not who or where I thought we were as a culture, and I am sad for it. I am beyond arguing or wrong-making. With sadness and horror in my heart, knowing I needed to balance myself, I seek Rumi’s field so we can meet there.

Seeking this place I went to meditation, to connect with my deeper wisdom and commune with Mary Magdalene, my always-ready guide, for wisdom and sustenance from the reality behind this world.

Mary Magdalene encouraged, “Stop the leaks, you are being invaded by negative thought forms which do not serve you or what you love. Your watercooler of FB is poisoning as much as strengthening your well. There is a deeper pattern at play here that is, of course, too soon to see.

Many of you are disheartened and with due cause. But do not let this sink you into an abyss of hopelessness, for then the fear and anger that they have voted with, will have consumed and employed you as well.

Today as all others, let light, hope and goodness be your guide. Give yourself whatever time you need to be sad and grieve, but be watchful of encouraging a diet that feeds those negative tendencies, as they can become addictive and strong.

There is a battle going on, on the inner levels) and it feeds on your energy. When you allow it, it can consume you and despite your work for good, it is not fueled by light. Let the light guide your way. Regardless of the outer action, when you know that is the seed, only good will come your way.

Do not look to or regard the path or process of others—they have their own journey and fight that may look so different to be unrecognizable as light. And there are those espousing “warriorship of the Light” who are immersed in egoic structures of darkness, anger, hate and fear. It is imperative that you seek and follow your own soul’s guidance as you have always aspired to do.

Allow yourself, today and always to follow your own bliss, joy, passion, pleasure, wonder. Go where you are drawn and curious. “Let the beauty you love be what you do, there are 100 ways to kneel and kiss the ground (and sky).”

I remarked, “That feels surprisingly concrete and reassuring. Giving in to the fear and hatred, when in fact nothing has really changed on a outer level (yet), only gives it the power I am arguing against.”

Magdalene replied, “It is imperative that you see that there is a dark force driven by greed and fear–a silent invisible drama being played out. And many in your land have had their hands, minds and hearts moved by these invisible strings. Much like the movie you saw that night, (Doctor Strange) it is powerful and unseen, but very much in motion.

But you do not have to allow this; Divine Law requires they receive permission (though  often that is subtle) and if you do not do so, it cannot overtake you. So be mindful (and heartful) of what and how you give your attention, thoughts and voice to. Not to advocate for Spiritual Bypass—that is not what we are speaking of. But to avoid allowing yourself to get swept into the swell and fray that is immersive at this moment.

Refresh and redirect, often. Ask and receive alignment with the Light and Love that is always available. When you are ready there is a deeper current and calling that is available to and for you. Now is not that time, but know that we are here and with you in undying and aligned support from the Temple Sisterhood.

With this I felt such energetic support, shift and uplift. Kind of surprising, actually—I felt so much better. And so grateful.

How do you connect with the voice of wisdom within you?

What re-balances and realigns you when the world goes awry?

One resource for reset and reconnection is Entering the Healing Temple in the Columbia Gorge…It would be such a treat to have you be a part of this!

Here’s the replay from last night that I promised I’d send you:https://fccdl.in/i50U76QJM

Blessings of Light,



P.S. If  you want to know more, Here’s the replay from the Taste of Healing Temple, post Election Recovery Remedy call last night: https://fccdl.in/i50U76QJM

We had a beautiful, intimate gathering … nourishing our world-weary souls, on the day-after-the-election. Listen and share it with women in your world (and feel free to tell them about Friday’s Early Bird Deadline! see details below)

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