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Reclaim Your Sovereignty

iggArticle4 pic1What a quandary. In June (on my birthday) the pope of the Catholic Church announced a revision of church dogma. Mary Magdalene was in fact not a prostitute, but in fact was “The Apostle to the Apostles” (whoops, what a major upgrade) and raised her annual celebration to a Feast Day. If Mary Magdalene was a movie, this was like winning the Oscar.

This is a big deal and one worthy of celebration. Or ought to be. Women are rising up! Being acknowledged as the leaders and role models they actually are!

And yet I’ve felt nothing inspiring about it—which was surprising and more than a tad upsetting. So I did what I do: I went into meditation and asked Magdalene herself, what I ought to do for this big event. What meaning it has for us as women now. And what She said surprised and delighted me,

“I don’t care a fig about the Catholic Church making me a Feast Day. Those old codgers have defamed and deflated my true role and importance for years. They stripped me of my birthright as leader, teacher and priestess of our tribe, and subverted the message Yeshua (Jesus) and I shared, for one that suited their gains.

While it’s true that this was to keep me and our child safe, initially, there were power struggles with other Apostles from the beginning. By removing me from the picture physically (first to Egypt then Gaul (France)) and energetically, allowed Peter and others their ascendency to power. They didn’t really get it, but thought they did.

What you have now is a 2000 year mutation of the Original Gift. Truths do remain, but they are veiled under dogma and direction that were not our original message of the teachings of Light. (For example about Jesus dying for your sins—baloney—how does that really work, it’s missing the mark, entirely.)

So while yes, there is a way in which it is empowering to women to have my name cleared and elevated to my rightful stature as leader and guide, that power structure is not going to give me (and by virtue other women) that more than in name only. Lip service.

With time this may be part of a larger move to embrace the Sacred Feminine, perhaps. We would like to think this is so. And yet history has a way of repeating itself and does not go without a fight. The structures of power are crumbling there.

You are managing complexity in your world that is an inch shy of chaos right now. So many are unconsciously distraught and distracted. Regardless you are at a choice point in history: I am not the first to say this, nor will I be the last.

Your culture (America) is particularly poised over an abyss, and there seems willingness on the part of many to jump, or be pushed. These are harsh words and yet we see so many who are so willingly polluting their clear minds and precious hearts with words of rhetoric that are imbued with language of fear and hate.

Rather than disregarding this ignoble mis-truth (which is a thinly veiled disguise to manipulate and control through fear) the masses are consuming this candy like a kid at an amusement park. The food is poison; the rides are dangerous. Those in leadership do not all have your best interest at heart. Shield yourselves. Disconnect from the mass hysteria that the media is designed to promote. Get aligned with your own reality: the voice, the body, the heart of the matter.

On this day, a 22, a sacred number, get aligned with the sacred wisdom you carry in your heart and soul being. This is the challenge for humanity in this lifetime: to align with Soul Truth. Do what feels good and right from your own body of experience, not because of what others are doing.

Find your true tribe, because it is good to have community of support, but don’t allow yourselves to then become followers over a different edge. This is time to lead. To live and lead by example and light. What is happening right now, with guns, violence, anger and hatred are truly toxic and dangerous. Do not go there. Find and follow the light. That is the only Truth worth noting.

It was much like this in my time as well. The end times were forecast, the messiah, a savior, was the only solution for a group of dis-empowered souls. Similarly, your people are looking for a political messiah, when there is none. As there was none then. Yeshua and I were teachers, and by dismantling my role and place in the party, a sole masculine leader could arise. And instead an industry of kings and priests grew in power.

Yet that was never our message or intent. Yeshua never intended to be deified as he has been. He was—we both were—showing you The Way: the Path of Light. Direct connection with Divine. The temple priests and leaders, followed by the apostles, would have none of that—where would their power be then?

And so it is now. Your leaders do not want you to be Sovereign, yet you are. Claim your royalty as goddesses and queens, for that is what you truly are as beings of light. Embrace and embody this and your lives will change beyond wildest imagining. Let it be so.

So while you can acknowledge this day in any manner you wish, we want to be clear that there is no pressure on you to celebrate or create anything in my name, more than you have done so already. But do not feel I need or want anything from you.

This is about Truth and empowerment; the Sacred Feminine Soul arising is. See yourselves as sacred, holy beings; wise, accomplished and capable of infinite miracles and measure. Your resistance to this is the source of your suffering. You feel that now, I’m sure.

So on this day, where a queen and priestess was reclaimed from prostitute, we celebrate. But not just for me, but for all of you, for it is your lineage, your birthright too. Be that and fly.

So that, dear one, is what I’m offering on this first Magdalene Feast Day.

Enjoy your blessings,



PS: I’m getting ready for a new website, so I’m re-writing, added new ways I work with people and the Goddess Coloring book. Check it out. It’s a work in progress, for sure, so your feedback is welcome.

One big question I churn around is what’s the most challenging for you right now and you need help with? How can I help?


Claire Sierra, MA, is the author of The Magdalene Path – Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul, published by a division of Hay House. The Magdalene Path, has been called “a guidebook of ancient wisdom for contemporary women.” Through mystical connection with Mary Magdalene, Claire shares ways to bring Feminine Soul into your daily life.

As an Expressive Arts Therapist, True Purpose™ Master Coach, and ordained minister, Claire has helped thousands of women who felt lost and confused, to gain clarity and new direction for their lives. For over 2 decades, she has aided access to divine connection, creativity and soul purpose across the country.

As Chief Creative Officer of Bliss Breakthrough Programs, Claire also offers in-person and virtual retreats, talks and teleseminars. She is a featured writer for Bella Mia magazine, and has contributed to wellness magazines for decades. As a visionary mixed media artist, Claire has art in collections throughout the U.S. She is represented by the Balch Hotel and Gallery. Her artwork graces The Magdalene Path. and The Goddess Coloring Book.

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