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Claire Sierra, MA, LFT is an uplifting teacher, known to inspire and motivate with her personable,  heartful perspective. Audiences love her practical yet soulful approach  that is refreshing and creative.

Claire gives presentations in a variety of formats from short talks and trainings to multi-day retreats. These presentations are offered to groups, clubs and organizations  for staff meetings, in-service trainings and personal or professional enrichment. For more information contact info{at}BlissBreakthrough {dot} com

Bliss Breakthrough: Keys to Burnout Recovery

With personal, societal, economic & environmental stress all around, many feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Stop burnout and compassion fatigue, and start living your purpose. Rejuvenate and repair key areas of your life for greater bliss. Learn simple steps you can take to bring your life into balance and alignment. This program offers lecture, discussion, tools and experiences to jump start that process.

  • Learn tools & practices to live a juicy, rich, soulful life everyday.
  • Discover the keys to more power & possibility, and how to reclaim it.

Feeding Your Feminine Soul:
Re-Ignite Your Passion & Possibility

Many people are seeking a more authentic, soulful, and self-expressed life. Women in particular are sensing that the answer lies in awakening their Divine Feminine, which has been repressed for thousands of years. In this program, participants will explore ancient knowledge & modern wisdom to begin living a life of their purpose. Through simple yet deep practices, participants will awaken their own Sleeping Beauty and begin creating the life of their dreams. In longer programs, Claire facilitates experiential activities such as sacred art, journal writing, movement & guided meditation.

  • Nurture a deeper connection to Soul, Source & sisters, to embody your Truth in everyday life.
  • Learn tools & practices to get the answers you need to the questions that plague you in the middle of the night.
  • Stir creativity & rekindle sacred play.

Open Your God Line™:
Tools for Clear Decisions & Direction

Soul Purpose is on many people’s minds and hearts these days. Move past vague hunches and intuition to connect directly to your Inner Guidance System. Discover & align with your life purpose, with tools to help you start living it now. Learn practical, proven methods to access your Divine Connection, your GodLine™. Discover how to clear the inner blocks and outer obstacles that hold you back from being who you came here to be.

  • Discover common barriers that obstruct us from living our purpose– and what to do about them
  • Learn tools to access clear, direct Source wisdom, in alignment with your spiritual path
  • Practice skills to clear fears and limiting beliefs

Secrets of The Sisterhood:
Tap the Power of Your Feminine Soul

Many women are feeling called to fulfill deeper stirrings of purpose. Deepen your understanding of your role as a woman and how the Divine Feminine plays into the spiritual awakening happening at this time. Explore the lore of Mary Magdalene as a woman of great mystery and wisdom, beyond traditional religious teachings. Learn why her message has valuable meaning that has been veiled to us. A lively presentation of information, discussion & experiential activities, based on her forthcoming book by the same name.

  • Learn tools, practices and wisdom from the secret mysteries of Mary Magdalene.
  • Discover how the Sacred Feminine holds the key to restoring balance and rejuvenation in your life — and on the planet — at this time.
All programs are available in a variety of formats — from short talks to multi-day workshops. Contact us today. Email info {at} BlissBreakthrough {dot} com.