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Thrown Off by the Elections?

Did Last Week Knock You Off The Fence?

I’m checking in with you… wondering if you have been having a difficult time lately, having trouble making decisions about moving forward in your life–in general. Maybe it’s impacting your decision about Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Women.

I’m guessing that you may be sorting out family responsibilities, personal obligations or figuring out your finances.

Maybe you’ve been up been “on the fence,” and got thrown off by the elections. You’d have LOTS of company, there! I know that many of us have been feeling a sense of uncertainty, fear, anger, sadness, and more, as we look ahead.

We are trying to figure out, What am I supposed to do, now? How can I make a difference?

Whether you were “for” or “against” what happened, many of us are appalled by ensuing trauma drama — it’s been an intense week at the end of a very, very long ugly campaign season.

Whatever has held you back, from making your decision… as the co-creator and Keeper of the Flow for this event I invite you to pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and check inside.

Do you need a space and time to reconnect to the heart and soul of what really matters to you?

If you get a “yes,” or your body relaxes at the thought, then join us.

And let us make it easy for you — since we all basically lost a week to the elections, we’re extending the Early Bird Discount until November 20.

Go to this link, and enter the code TEMPLEGIFT.

When you register by this Sunday, you’ll receive $50 off the registration fee. It’s our gift, to you, in this time of uncertainty… when we all need to get back to center, to ground, and to feel peace.

We have plenty of space left, for you. In fact, if you want to check out the Retreat Option, go here: www.balchhotel.com  We’ve arranged for you to stretch your day into a weekend, with 2 night Special: when you book one night, you get the second night at 1/2-price. Our winter rates are low right now anyway, so it’s a smoking good deal.

If you’ve been reading all the emails I’ve been sending, I’m guessing that you are feeling drawn, but hesitant. Called, but unsure.

If you are, then let me share these words, from women who have experienced this beautiful day:

“I know the power of intentionally taking a day for myself and my soul, and feel blessed to have been able to partake of this time and space.”
– Liz, Chelan, WA

“It was a powerful, thoughtful event: I would readily encourage my friends — and anyone!  — to attend, if you are ready for deep comfort, inspired thought and healing.”
– A. Ellis, Bainbridge Island, WA

“The Healing Temple is an immersive and safe space for reconnection. I feel whole. Held. Supported. This is such a restorative gift…”
– Annalisa, Port Townsend, WA

I invite you to receive their words… and notice if you are feeling a call.

Know that you are welcome, and that you can bask in the energy of peaceful, relaxed, and loving Healing Practitioners, and a room full of women who are saying “yes” to their evolution and self-care for a day.

Click on this link, for more information or to register.

Thank you for your attention to this note… and to yourself.

Come join us: I’d love to have you there.

Blessings of Light in these moments of uncertain change,


P.S. Find out more information about Entering the Healing Temple on December 3  at The Balch Hotel in the Columbia Gorge.
And for the Retreat Option at the Balch Hotel? Go HERE.

If  you want to hear and experience the energy of this event, listen to the Taste of Healing Temple, post Election Recovery Remedy call last week: https://fccdl.in/i50U76QJM

We had a beautiful, intimate gathering … nourishing our world-weary souls, on the day-after-the-election. Listen and share it with women in your world (and feel free to tell them about the extended (’til Sunday) Early Bird Deadline! see details below)

If your life has been at all chaotic, or more-busy-than-you’d-like, maybe it’s time to remember and rebalance yourself?

Perhaps you need some down time, you’re craving the quiet company of other women in sacred space, or you need healing sessions  to do your inner work.

At the Healing Temple, in the Columbia Gorge, we’ll be pushing the re-set button on our lives. Coming back to center. Re-connecting to our bodies, our hearts’ wisdom. So that we can move back into the world refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed and ready–for the work that lies ahead.

Friday November 11th is the Early Bird Registration deadline. You’ll save $50 off the full price, if you register by Friday.

Find out more information about Entering the Healing Temple on December 3  at The Balch Hotel in the Columbia Gorge.
And for the Retreat Option at the Balch Hotel? Go HERE.

Space is very limited. This day is designed for only 15 participants.

(And if you have any questions about the day, or about how to register, email me here or katherine@olympus.net or leave a detailed message on her cell 360-385-5982.)

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