Does this feel like you lately?

Everything looks good on the outside, but inside you feel lost and disconnected...  frustrated and stuck.

Anxiety, depression, insomnia and overwhelm are visiting--maybe you even wonder about taking medication, just to feel better.

It's as if you're in a life that no longer fits--you're struggling with what brings you true joy and meaning now.

You're yearning for something more... and frankly that's scary. You know you are here for a reason, but it's fuzzy. Maybe it's changing or you’ve lost sight of it.

And you're at wits end, wondering what to do.


Notice any of these signs?

  • Feeling foggy and/or flat--no pleasure in your life.
  • Can’t really relax — on overdrive, going non-stop.
  • Not sleeping. Tired and wired at the same time.
  • Trouble getting motivated for your day.
  • Feeling lost and confused about what you want and how to make things better.
  • Scared these thoughts & feelings might blow up your whole life. (It doesn't have to!)

The relief you seek is waiting for you.

It's possible to come out of the fog, get unstuck and create a life that feels worth living. 

Live your bigger vision. Reconnect with your sensuous, creative, magical self.  

Get clarity about crap that's running you in circles. Maybe it's current, maybe it's old stuff. Make peace and release it.

Feel radiant and alive again.

Reconnect and find whats meaningful and on purpose, sourced from your innate Divine Feminine power– so that you're nourished and nurtured, not bled dry.

Tap your Inner Wisdom for renewed inspiration, guidance and direction. Find your life's path.

Be who you really came here to be….finally.

Close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

With a few simple practices, new perspectives and proper support, you can feel the clarity and confidence you want, to create the shift your soul is longing for.

I’ve done it and so have thousands of others that I’ve worked with. If this sounds like bliss to you, let’s make that happen.

You don’t have to keep doing it alone.Meet in my cozy office in the Bliss at the Balch Spa at the Balch Hotel or virtually (via phone, Skype or Zoom).

Is is time to get started? Let's set up an appointment! 

Breakthrough to Your Bliss.

Contact me to get started right away. I offer complimentary Bliss Breakthrough Sessions.

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Achieving  Unimaginable Goals 

"Working with you, things shifted right away. I have almost completely eliminated negative skull-chatter and just have a calmness that permeates my days. 

 I’ve hit many of my goals and some of them were really big ones that I could not have imagined achieving before we started.”  ~Amy R., Denver, CO

Life Altering End to Depression

“The depression I was slipping in and out of was big and starting to be more life-consuming.  I was thinking I had to do something about this–that I might need to go on medication or something.

Instead, working with you brought me back to the core of who I am. The shift has been huge. Doing this together has been life altering. "
~Rhonda L.,  Kerby OR

Inspired, Redirected, Empowered

"Amazing experience, Claire, finding answers to my questions and get back on track. Thank  you for helping me to realize my dreams and nudging me towards living them. 

I am now fully following my dream and am getting paid for it! Everything is clicking into place, as I continue to process so much input and insight.  You help women like me to get grounded, balanced, re-directed, empowered, and inspired –just what we need at this moment. ~Linda C, Cave Junction, OR

A Changed Person

"Claire was amazingly supportive and loving in helping me move towards the goals I identified. She is so intuitive, and just knew the appropriate response to keep me on track. She kept me accountable in a feminine, loving way that I’ve not experienced.  I liked that she was super-clear about what would be expected of me and what I could expect from the process. 

I just feel super-blessed to have Claire as my mentor. I gained many new tools that I now use nearly every day in my life.  I feel like a changed person – literally.” ~Diane M., Arcata, CA

Realizing Her Dreams

"I started thinking ,“who am I, what am I doing?” I felt lost, going in circles, kind of depressed. I was having such a hard time getting up, just wanted to stay in bed and sleep a lot. I knew I needed to make some changes and I couldn’t do it by myself.  I now feel empowered. I  learned some tools and know what helps. I feel a lot more positive, when I hit challenges it’s for hours not days. I can change it up quickly.

One of the biggest things I got from our time together is recovering my dreams and the visionary soul part of me, and integrating that into the day-to-day of my life. You helped me bring the sparkle back, the magic that makes life worth living. When I live it for everyone else it becomes mundane and off track. I don’t have to do that anymore, I can follow my dreams, too.
~Stacey W., Takilma, OR

Life Changes for the Better

“You are an elegant instrument of transformation. What you do is so good, so healing.  My life changes for the better when I participate in programs with you.”
~Martha S, Grants Pass, OR

P.S.  Are you ready to get started NOW? Click here to schedule a no-cost Bliss Breakthrough  Consultation Session. And answer my short application.  We’ll explore what you are struggling with, some places ready for breakthrough, and if its a good fit, ways to work together.